Seeds of Evil

Episode 10: The Fox Says . . .

Judith McKnight and Dr. Zachary Wells went to the home of Dr. Edgar Blackford with the intent of telling him the results of their investigation from the past few days. Gwenyth Miller, who was also home, showed them in and they saw that Edgar had been hard at work, uncovering mysterious in the town but had come up with very little in the way of help. The first topic of conversation was explaining how they were fairly certain they had dispatched the Snuff Golem using the water guns that had been proposed. As the three decided what they would do next, it was decided that they should go to the home of Prof. Alan Wolff and meet with him and Dr. Samantha Woolsley, since they seemed to have some insight into what could be done as whatever was happening was quickly approaching.

Arriving at Wolff’s home, they discovered that he and Dr. Woolsley were engaged in similar research as Dr. Blackford. They showed him some of the images of things they had found, including the amulet that Judith had uncovered in a box in Gunther Voss’ basement. Prof. Wolff determined it was some form of attack that, if partnered with the correct incantations, would possible harm or drive off the entities from the Outer Black.

The discussion came around to the dream journal of Karen Cassius. Specifically, they discussed the ‘German fox’ that appeared in her journal. Edgar posited that the fox was some kind of metaphor for ‘The Master’ or whomever was trying to open the portal and bring in the evil into Silent Waters. The master was powerful, to be sure, to be able to go in and out of the dreams of others. But surely there was a way to stop him – or her. Prof. Wolff suggested that the Master would be nearly indestructible until their guard was let down while casting a ritual. There would clearly be a very small window of opportunity in which to stop the individual, which would surely involve violence.

At this point they decided to split up. Edgar wanted to go back to Voss Mansion to go through the family archives that had been compiled, Judith wanted to go visit the artist, Jenny Grieg and Dr. Wells wanted to check in at the coroner’s office.

Edgar found Gunther Voss more than wiling to help, providing him access to the genealogical archives in his basement while Gunther agreed to look into family histories in some texts he had upstairs – specifically whether any families in the area had a fox on their coat of arms. While poking around in the basement, Edgar’s research did not yield much in the way of family history, but he did find some parchment in a box marked ‘Krieger.’ The parchment appeared to be some kind of scroll with arcane writing on it (later determined to be a spell that could weaponize either earth, fire, water or air).

At that point Edgar heard a noise in the next room. Footsteps. Heavy.

As Dr. Wells dropped Judith and her dog Wit, off near the art community so she could speak with Jenny Grieg, they both could see dark clouds had rolled in over the bay. They could see several police cars roaming around town and after Dr. Wells dropped her off, he went to the coroner’s office to see if there was any news. Deputy Hadasa explained that there seemed to be a sudden increase in accidents, people being hurt and unusual activities around town, keeping all the police out. Dr. Wells’ stomach sank as these were bad signs.

When Judith and Wit arrived at Grieg’s home-studio, it was clear that Ms. Grieg was in some kind of altered state, her mind adrift in some unknown haze. When Judith asked to see some of the special paintings she had been working on, the artist heartily agreed. However, shortly after they arrived in the studio, Judith was shocked to see just how morbid and horrific some of the paintings were. One painting in particular showed a grotesque, shadowy figure at the banks of the water, ready to emerge and strike out at Silent Waters. Just as Judith was ready to excuse herself as she was increasingly nervous, a text came in from Dr. Wells. When she glanced down, that was enough time for Grieg to attack., clearly possessed or deranged After a brief struggle, Judith knocked Grieg back, causing her to fall out of a third story window. It was then that she stumbled downstairs to find Wit and called Dr. Wells that something had happened.

Upon arriving, Dr. Wells stabilized Grieg and pushed back all the onlookers who claimed that Grieg had been pushed. Since actual deputies were all on various scenes across town, Wells called some of the volunteer deputies, Rick Savage and Stephen Potts. As Dr. Wells tended to the victim, Ms. Grieg, he looked up at the attic window from where she fell and saw a sinister figure looming, peering out the window. He immediately called Judith to get her out of the house and then the two of them, aided by Potts and Savage, carefully went upstairs to investigate. While nothing was present, Judith was shocked to discover that the evil figure from Grieg’s painting was missing from it.

Meanwhile, Edgar Blackford called out to the noises her heard in the next room of Gunther’s basement. When he heard, in response, the sound of a drill starting up, he decided it was a good time to leave. But as he moved towards the stairs up, a massive creature, dripping with blood and oil, emerged from the next room. This was a nightmare made of flesh, gears and wires, looking like some kind of butcher with saws and drills for hands and missing a face other than a large gaping maw that was filled with jagged metallic teeth. This horror, an Organ Grinder as it was later identified, took a swing at Edgar, but thankfully missed. Edgar scrambled up the stairs, the creature attempted to grab him but failed. As Edgar ran screaming to his car, he alerted Gunther who also fled, after seeing the creature. When Edgar started his car, he saw the creature lumber from the basement and come outside. Edgar’s car started up and as he sped from the home, the creature used a hook on a chain in an attempt to fell a nearby tree. Luckily Edgar managed to speed away but crashed his car not far from the home.

The call came in to Dr. Wells from Dr. Alex Hogan, the local vet. It seemed she had been asked to help out around town as well, filling in as a paramedic on the scene of accidents. It seemed that she and a deputy had found Edgar’s car. Wells and McKnight went over to the scene as soon as possible as Wit needed to be looked at by a vet anyway.

Finding Edgar, he was in hysterical, raving about some kind of mist or a gigantic creature. Rather than have him rave on, they took him to Blessed Mercy Hospital and found that the place was a buzzing hub of activity with numerous accident victims roaming around the emergency room. Getting Sr. Catherine Bailey to assign them a room, they could talk in private while Edgar explained his story. It was then that Wells made the controversial decision to contact Dr. Adrian Boley, someone who Edgar never really trusted.

The arrogant Boley showed up, calmed Edgar down and provided some herbal teas and other items to help calm him and suggested he get rest. The group then saw to it that Edgar got home and rested with Gwenyth. Then a call to Gunther was in order to make sure he was OK, as well. He was vague but came to Edgar’s house to discussed further.

His intimate greeting with Gwenyth was somewhat off-putting to both Zachary and Judith but they quickly dismissed it as some past history between them. He explained that every word of what Edgar stated was true and that he hid in his home but the creature clearly had more of an interest in Edgar. It was then that the three went to Voss Mansion to investigate further.

At the mansion, they found stains of blood and oil, similar to the Chemical Spill Judith had first discovered in the Markhardt Estate when she moved in. In the basement they found pieces of appliances suggested that the creature built itself from pieces, akin to the Snuff Golem. Zachary determined that the creature, the Organ Grinder, would be harmed by extreme cold, so Judith committed to purchasing liquid nitrogen. Further, the creature was something like an assassin, likely sent by whomever was considered to be ‘The Master’ behind the numerous wicked plots in town. Finally, with regards to the creature, it seemed to need blood to power itself, and seeing as it had not recently killed anyone that they were aware of, it possibly was weaker than normal.

Examining the parchment that Edgar had found, it was clear that this was some kind of ritual that could be cast but it required a minor blood sacrifice as well as some knowledge that they felt they had. Further, some herbs were required to power it but one of those herbs was wolf’s bane, something not commonly found, but common in Europe.

Exhausted, they all returned home.

That evening, Edgar awoke from sleep at 3 AM with a rapping at his bedroom window. It was a fox. Unsure if this were a dream or reality, the fox spoke to him, saying that there was something about him that he, the fox, liked and had sympathy for. He suggested that since Edgar was not needed for his ritual, he should leave Silent Waters as the town was to be destroyed. He wanted others – something Edgar was not a part of. When Edgar asked about Gwenyth, the fox simply told him she did not deserve him as her lustful ways with Gunther Voss and Adrian Boley proved it. The fox ended with telling him that Edgar had a choice: flee Silent Waters or die with the rest of them.


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