Seeds of Evil

Episode 8: Kildaire

Dr. Zachary Wells and Judith McKnight were putting together pieces of a puzzle. An ancient puzzle that had ramification in the modern day, impacting the lives of people in the community of Silent Waters. Knowing that something happened in the 1860’s, to a bloodline of people still present in the community today, they went to the home of Samuel and Lynne Miller, hoping to shake loose some new information.

Upon arriving at their spacious home, they noticed a group of landscapers tending to the lawn and surrounding property. Judith suspected this might be a good ‘in’ with the Millers, who were, according to reputation, somewhat surly. Of course, it was Mr. Miller’s law firm, Keller Yates that handled his medical practice so perhaps there was another avenue of conversation.

Judith and Zachary made some small talk with the Millers who seemed oblivious to much any family history. They certainly knew that Samuel’s family had been in Silent Waters for generations but did not know much beyond that. Before too many swipes could be taken at their friend, Dr. Edgar Blackford, Zachary managed to control the conversation. Samuel did, however, mention, that Gunther Voss, a mutual friend had supposedly had an interest in genealogy as Samuel’s firm had secured the transfer of some genealogical papers to his hands in the past few years. Samuel suggested they contact him.

A quick call to Gunther, the pair were on the road up to Voss Mansion in hopes of going through what could amount to valuable papers. On their way, they decided to contact Deputy Tim Coye, someone who was more than intimately aware of the Snuff Golem to see if he had any new details. They had a suspicion that Steve Whitehouse was somehow involved in the Snuff Film and knew the deputy was handling the investigation. Deputy Coye agreed to meet them for an early dinner once they were finished at Voss Mansion.

Upon arriving at the mansion, Gunther greeted them and made some small talk. He also asked how Gwenyth Miller was doing, happy to hear that her injuries from “Greggory Kildaire” were fare more superficial than initially thought. Getting down to business, they asked about his papers in the study of genealogy, stating they were working on a project where in depth knowledge of family history in Silent Waters would be invaluable. Gunther was happy to help and quickly showed them to his basement where he had an elaborate set-up dedicated to the study. Papers, maps, boxes, many of which were not yet gone through, were all at the their disposal.

Zachary and Judith spent hours in the basement, reviewing the material for any clue. Eventually, they came across some interesting things. First, there was a box labeled ‘R.M. Modiak’ which caught Judith’s attention due to her familial relationship with the Modiaks. Then there was a box that seemed to once be owned by someone named ‘Henry Thayer.’ Box boxes proved to yield some interesting information.

The Modiak box contained an interesting Stone Amulet which seemed to have some arcane nature to it. When the picture of the item was sent to Prof. Alan Wolff, Professor Wolff seemed very excited and both Judith and Zachary decided this was worth holding on to. In the Thayer box, they found not only a strange journal written by Henry Thayer, written in the Chonic Alphabet but also some strange floor plans.

At this point Zachary was more than well versed in the Chonic Alphabet and determined that Mr. Thayer, writing this journal in the 1920’s, was some kind of slavish lackey of the [{Tannhauser Bruderschaft]]. He was some kind of ‘leave behind’ asset of the organization, or at least of Otto Markhardt. It was clear from this journal that Thayer was involved in an occult conspiracy 100 years ago and that this had ramifications that extended to the present day. Further, they found floor plans for a home in the area that, according to the plans, had some kind of secret room in the basement. The plans had the name ‘Thayer’ on them but the address was mysteriously marked off. It was at this point that they suspected that Deputy Coye could get could them into city hall’s records office and they could further explore this mystery. They thanked Gunther for his help and went off to meet with Coye.

Coye explained that it was clear that Steve Whitehouse was involved in the rape and murder of several women. When questioned he was nervous and seemed to think his life was in danger. However, Coye agreed that nobody deserved the horrific creature that had torn apart their other deceased suspects. He said he was keeping an eye on Whitehouse but was not sure what else to do. It was at this point that Sachary and Judith showed him their floor plans and he agreed to get them into the records office to see if they could find out where the modern day location of the home was.

It did not take long for the three of them to determine where the house currently sat. It was owned by a husband and wife named Hiller (who had owned the property for several years). When the group went by the house, it was dark and several newspapers were outside. Walking around the exterior of the house there did not appear to be any signs of a break-in but they heard a noise – sounding like a lamp falling to the floor. Judith, against Deputy Coy’s wishes, quickly pulled out a lockpick and entered through the back of the house. With the deputy waiting outside, Judith entered and allowed Zachary access.

With Zachary and Judith poking around the dark house, they did not see any signs, other than an overturned lamp, of anything amiss. However, when they went upstairs they felt a strange presence. Before they could react, Judith was stabbed from behind and from the bathroom emerged “Greggory Kildaire” with a knife.

An altercation ensued where Zachary shot “Kildaire” and as he was trying to escape was shot again by Deputy Coye, who had entered upon hearing a shot fired. “Kildaire” now lay dead on the stairs. Zachary tended to Judith’s wound, which turned out to be superficial, and they asked Deputy Coy to watch the body and wait a few moments before calling it in. They then went to the basement where the floor plans said there would be a secret room.

The secret room contained the bodies of Mr. and Mrs. Hiller, dead only a couple of days. It was clear that “Kildaire” must have come here to avoid the state police who had been looking for him after his escape from Lich Park Asylum. The room had the exact same dimensions as those in the basement of the Markhardt Estate and this further cemented the notion that Henry Thayer, who once owned this house, was associated with Markhaardt and the Tannhauser Bruderschaft. Further, Zachary deduced that the continued associations with bloodlines likely meant that “Kildaire” was somehow related to Thayer and thus knew about the secret room.

It was at that point both Judith and Zachary heard gunshots back upstairs. They quickly raced up to find Deputy Coye on the floor and “Kildaire” nowhere to be seen. Between gasps of breath, Coye explained that “Kildaire” must not have been dead and he got up, attacked Coye and escaped. It was then that Deputy called the incident into the station.

An hour later the entire house was covered with law enforcement officials They were zipping up the bodies of the Hillers and asking questions. Sheriff Craye was clear in his lack of patience at finding Wells and McKnight at every crime scene he had to investigate. During the processing and removal of the bodies, Wells asked Deputy Hadasa how her sessions with Adrian Boley had been going. She commented that they were going well but wondered if it was professional of him to have asked her out after the last session. She agreed to go out with him but still . . .

Later, when Zachary Wells went through some of the strange writing “Kildaire” had left behind in the secret room, he discovered that “Kildaire” seemed to have once had a normal life in Sunset Falls until something happened – The Master came and asked him to perform duties that would allow agents of the Demiurge to come through the Membrane that kept the evil entities out of their world and from the Outer Black. “Kildaire” an agent of these evil powers was given the gift of immortality – or at least the inability to be killed through normal means – so that he could help the Master execute his or her nefarious plans, involving targeting those people who were descendants of the Ancestors.

It was evident that whatever evil schemes were hatching, they were on the verge of fruition.


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