Seeds of Evil

Episode 9: Seeds of Evil

Knowing that there were numerous avenues that needed investigation, Dr. Zachary Wells and Judith McKnight planned out several more lines of questioning. The danger that Silent Waters was in was increasingly more obvious to them and they were well aware of the gravity of the situation they were in. They determined that as unpleasant as it seemed, they would have to make their way to Lich Park Asylum and deal with Linda Plassey, the Gold Coin Killer.

Dr. Edgar Blackford used his connections to call ahead and get the two in to see Dr. Roman Thornton, the institute’s director. The pair then convinced him that needed to talk to Linda as she had vital information, they felt, on the activities in Silent Waters. She was connected to what was happening since one of her past relatives was considered one of The Ancestors who stopped Otto Markhardt years before.

In interviewing Ms. Plassey, they were specifically interested in wondering if she knew or had overheard anything dealing with her former neighbor at the institute, “Greggory Kildaire.” Ms, Plassey, mysterious as ever, alluded to the fact that she overheard him talking. However, she was certain that she was talking to someone who was not present, such as someone in his head or someone who was far away but could still hear him, as if he were on a phone. Her called this person, ‘Master’ and she felt that the relationship was akin to Igor’ or ‘Renfield.’ She did specifically hear him, prior to his escape, talk about Gwenyth Miller, the woman who he would later attack at Gunther Voss’ party. It was when they asked her to look at pictures of the Ancestors she became interested. Whereas she did not have much knowledge of them or their role, she seemed to understand that something big was happening and that she was a descendant, like Zachary, Judith and others. She implied, through code, that she would be willing to help if they were to break her out. Naturally, Judith and Zachary were, to say the least, resistant to such a plan.

When they searched the faux Kildaire’s cell again, they were further convinced that he was working with someone on the outside. This master must have allowed him the means to escape and was pulling the strings for whatever disaster was pending. When giving the cell as more thorough search, Judith discovered some kind of chicken bone which was a stylus. It radiated some form of magic which was most likely the instrument used to make the strange Chonic Alphabet markings on the wall.

Leaving Lich Park, they decided to call Susan Cassius, sister of the deceased Karen Cassius. They felt that she could have some answers to the Ancestors or, at the very least, they were interested in seeing if she were safe, since “Kildaire” could likely see her as a target as well.

Talking with Susan was more fruitful than talking to Linda Plassey. Since Susan was something of a paranoid shut-in since the death of her sister, she lived alone in a large home with few other things to do. They were pleasantly surprised to discover that not only had Susan been interested in genealogy in her time of seclusion, but she had been researching all manner of things associated with her sister’s death. She was very interested in the stories of The Ancestors and even provided her sister’s dream journal.

Upon examining the journal, they found that Karen, prior to her death, had been experiencing terrible dreams and nightmares that were becoming increasingly vivid. The common theme seemed to be a ‘talking German fox.’ The fox was a symbol of evil and terror in her dreams. Further, they found that doodles in the margins of the dream journal appeared similar to the Chonic Alphabet and as time went on, the characters in the margins were undoubtedly characters from that alphabet.

But there was one passage in the journal that truly seemed to strike Dr. Wells as he read some of the strange ramblings that Karen Cassius had made before her death: The deeds that would go on in Silent Waters would aid in the destruction of the town. The seeds of evil that were being sewn would bear a terrible fruit, indeed. The slow moral decay of the town by providing drugs, by engaging in unspeakable sexual acts would further deteriorating and weakening the structure of the town, which would, in turn, weaken the membrane that separated the Outer Black from the real world, allowing things like The Practice and the Snuff Golem to enter and flourish.

Judith theorized that there was a descendant of Otto Markhardt or someone involved in the original plot who was here pulling the strings. Someone, perhaps, in the art community, as they were well aware that the mad visions of the artists were the kind of fuel that aided the weakening of the membrane. This individual – "Kildaire’s"’Master’ was the likely culprit. But how to draw him – or her – out – was the question.

Deciding that Susan was not safe on her own, Judith set it up that Deputy Coye would come over and stay with the fragile Susan Cassius. Susan agreed and a quick call to convince Deputy Coye was all it took to get him to stay with the frightened woman.

Finally, Wells and McKnight went to the home of Steve and Daria Whitehouse in order to see what they may know. Since Steve Whitehouse was a suspect in the Snuff Film as well as other films that had surfaced, maybe he could be shaken up to reveal some details. During their conversation with him, he was close to revealing something but felt a drink was needed. As he got up, Dr. Wells saw an email come through on Steve’s computer. His blood ran cold when he say the subject line: thought you’d be interested.

Judith and Dr. Wells knew what this meant and sprung into action. When they intercepted Steve Whitehouse in his lounge, getting some glasses and some whiskey, they saw, right on the patio, the horrible Snuff Golem, right as it broke through the glass patio door. The horrible abomination was without a doubt, the same vile creature they had experienced before but this time they were prepared – they had large, full water guns as they were led to believe that water would impact the creature. During a brief altercation with both Judith and Dr. Wells being hurt, they managed to destroy the creature once and for all, leaving behind a scorched husk and some cobbled electronic equipment.

It was then that they knew whatever was happening, was going to happen soon as the evil creatures from the Outer Black were accelerating their attacks . . .


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