Adrian Boley

An author of several self help books


Adrian Boley is a former student of Dr. Edgar Blackford and the author of several pop psychology, self-help books including, You are Me and the well-read follow up, You are Me, Too The fact that Adrian had been highly successful with what amounts, as described by Dr. Blackford as ‘dreck’ is something of a sore spot. Further, when it was revealed that Adrian was once romantically linked with Gwenyth Miller, Dr. Blackford’s younger girlfriend, it was even more uncomfortable.

However, Adrian was instrumental in providing therapy to Judith McKnight and Dr. Zachary Wells for their trauma they had investigated and gave them each autographed copies of his popular self-help books.

Despite his arrogance and ability to rub serious psychologists the wrong way, Adrian’s success cannot be denied.

Adrian Boley

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