Anatoly Gradizh

A reclusive millionaire


Anatoly Gradizh owns a large, modern day mansion (the Gradizh Mansion) overlooking the ocean just north of Silent Waters. Rarely seen in public, it is often a strange surprise to see him enter one of the restaurants in town. On occasion is he with guests and sometimes these guests are attractive young ladies. As Anatoly keeps to himself, (and some of the strange visitors who are often seen with him), few people know the details of his life. Someone once made the claim that they had heard he had washed up from the ocean as a baby with no sign or parents or adults. Others say he made his money by backing specialty pornographic publications and movies. Based upon his name and accent, it is suggested he is eastern European or Russian.

Nobody can be for certain as he does not have any close friends in town. His mansion, however, is a modern marvel. Those few people in town who have been invited to one of his parties suggest it is something out of a Hugh Hefner fantasy with glamorous women from Boston and New York as well as foreign and exotic visitors from overseas.

Anatoly Gradizh

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