Arthur Buckell

A devout Christian


The life of Arthur Bucknell is a serious one, filled with his serious spiritual devotion to God. He openly discusses his fundamentalist views but does not seem to force them on anyone, even though, he brings up the name of Jesus far more often than anyone would care to hear. However, this is understandable since he owns and operates the Family Christian Bookstore in Silent Waters.

Arthur is an avid writer in his spare time and seems to gravitate towards unusual action/Christian stories with protagonists that seek out and destroy agents of the Devil. He also seems to have an interest in the concept of the Left Behind novels of LaHaye and Jenkins, focusing on End Times from a Christian eschatological viewpoint. His participation in the Silent Waters Writers Circle seems to be one of acceptance as his ability to write is not poor, in fact, he is praised as rather talented.

Much to everyone’s surprise, he does not seem to take much offense at the erotica fiction of Robert Nuffleman and does not campaign against it. Instead, he takes it at face value and offers legitimate critiques.

Arthur Buckell

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