Craig Simmons

A writer of crime fiction


He is deeply into dinosaur erotica


Craig Simmons is hardly a remarkable person. He works as the assistant director of the Silent Waters public library, mostly working with the acquisitions. He leads a life that is both uninteresting and without much in the way of excitement. Members of the Silent Waters Writers Circle have heard him go on and on about the girlfriend who left him three years ago, a topic to which eh returns when attention comes to him. As a result, he has a great deal of free time and will fill it with just about any invitation to do anything anywhere.

In the writers circle, a group he may well have joined out of sheer boredom, he writers crime fiction, mostly having been inspired by episodes of Law & Order. There is no much depth to his stories, and they seem quite predictable but he does manage to write convincing dialogue.

Craig Simmons

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