Greggory Kildaire

The real Greggory Kildaire; local vagrant


Greggory Kildaire has had a rough life. Traveling up and down the east coast, dealing with an on again/off again drug habit and moving through a variety of failed relationships, he finally settled in Silent Waters with the hopes of being able to make something of himself in the thriving art community. Greggory, while not especially talented in visual art, has made a small amount of money with poetry, but he mostly subsides off suspicious disability claims and odd jobs around town.

While not a bad person, Greggory is simply unmotivated to make something more of his life. He has a close relationship with Edgar Blackford, who has taken pity on him, especially after the strange encounter he had with the lunatic stalker, “Greggory Kildaire.” Edgar helped Greggory cope with the stalker and they have remained friends every since.

Greggory Kildaire

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