Gunther Voss

Art Dealer and Collector


Gunther Voss serves the art community in Silent Waters by making sure their works are sold. He has the artistic sensitivity to pick out the right pieces for the right clients and his wife, Olivia Voss, has the business acumen to keep the money flowing. His studio and talent representation company, Infernal Machine Studio is well known along the east coast.

Gunther and Olivia Voss host frequent dinner engagements, and they are known for their lavish Christmas parties. Beyond their social engagements, however, they are both known for their philanthropy in the area. Perhaps for reasons or altruism or reasons of professional advancement (or both) it was Gunther who used his family fortune to help encourage artists to come to Silent Waters and form an artistic community close to the shore on the south eastern part of town. Since his family had been in the real estate business for generations, his ability to sell property at reasonable prices, helped encourage the move which, in turn, brought in tourism. It also had the added benefit of making him a serious contender in the art scene on the east coast, allowing him to more easily discover new talent.

There are a only a scant few who are aware of the Voss’ libertine sexual views. It would be gauche to simply say they were ‘swingers’ as that would be too pedestrian to allege. It is more appropriate (and kinder) to label them as ‘liberated minds’ who are willing to explore sexual gratifications on numerous levels. Gwenyth Miller and Dr. Edgar Blackford can personally attest to such attitudes. As mentioned, very few people in the community are aware of Gunther’s sexual views as he and his wife, Olivia, have gone to great lengths to keep these matters private.

Gunther Voss

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