Fr. Jack Clowney

Rector of the Precious Blood Parish


In his previous life, Fr. Jack Clowney was an Army chaplain. At some point, he was dishonorably discharged from the Army, but the Catholic Church allowed him to remain a priest. These are matters that few know about and most likely Fr. Jack would not want to discuss them.

Now, Fr. Jack runs the Precious Blood Parish in Silent Waters. He’s not the type to sit around the church waiting for people to come in, and he makes a habit of visiting with people. He also plays in the regular poker game on Poker Night with Edgar Blackford, Judith McKnight, Stephen Potts, and Dr. Zachary Wells in the back room of the Paul Revere Brewery.

Fr. Jack is warm, inviting and an established structure around Silent Waters. When not celebrating mass on Sundays or tending to the ill at the hospital, he can be found at one of the local coffee shops, discussing religion, philosophy and art, grabbing a beer at one of the breweries or even moving through the art community, subtly spreading the Christian faith to the many artists who live there.

Fr. Jack Clowney

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