Linda Plassey

A serial killler that terrorized Boston


In what would be a sensational case all along the east coast, Lindy Plassey, AKA the Gold Coin Killer, made headlines for her strange methodology in her crimes. While her victims were all killed differently, the one aspect of her crimes that remained consistent were the strange gold coins that she placed over their eyes. Obviously, the name ‘Gold Coin Killer’ stuck.

What truly was amazing about Linda was the fact that she was athletic, very attractive, charming and came from a wealthy Providence family (with the means and money to amass a small fortune in gold coins). When Linda was finally apprehended, in part thanks to Dr. Zachary Wells, she was what nobody expected to find.

In a short amount of time Linda was incarcerated in Lich Park Asylum and after the unusual events that transpired with Dr. Wells, he found himself in Silent Waters, as well, just a few short miles from the woman who was his greatest case, as well as his greatest embarrassment.

Linda Plassey

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