Natalie Cameron

Local Psychic


It is said that psychics can often foretell more than just the future but their minds are in tune to some of the strange vibrations and phenomena that occur in the world. Whether Natalie is in touch with the spirit world or is just a disturbed person is unclear.

When Natalie first moved to Silent Waters two years ago, he arrived as Remy Lovett and joined the art community, showing an aptitude for sketches, mostly charcoal and inks that he would work down by the pier during the tourist season, doing nice sketches of the shoreline or of some of the tourists who came by. His story was that he was from the south, as evidenced by his slight southern accent at the time. But something happened about a year after he came to Silent Waters. He began complaining of headaches, bad dreams and other strange ailments.

It was not long before he claimed that someone named ‘Natalie Cameron’ had come to him and was trying to speak through him. He now identifies as a woman, had his name legally changed and speaks as a psychic either as Natalie or as Remy (it is unclear). However, those who have gone to him (or her) have found that some of the predictions and advice have been eeriely helpful and accurate.

Natalie Cameron

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