Robert Nuffleman

A town photographer


Robert Nuffleman is the owner and operator of Nuffleman Family Photograpahy which is the town’s main studio for graduation pictures, many wedding photos and, of course, family photos. Also, it is not uncommon for him to be called in to assist the police for crime scene photos as well as his freelance photojournalism.

He has published one book, Scenic Silent Waters, which is is in every book store and gift shop around the tri-county area, having made him a small amount of money to supplement his income.

He is also a member of Judith McKnight’s Silent Waters Writers Circle. His main area of interest is erotica, something he prefers to keep ‘just among the circle’ since there are those in town who might not feel comfortable reconciling his literary interests with taking family photos, graduation photos and family portraits.

Robert Nuffleman

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