Dr. Zachary Wells

Disgraced FBI Forensic Pathologist


Reason +2
Passion -1
Might +1
Luck +1
Affinity 0

Playbook Moves: Medical Training, Doctor’s Office, Forensic Expert

Lore Move: Emergency Triage

Reference Library (Medicine)
Handgun (Glock 27 subcompact, .40 S&W, 2 harm, ammo 9+1, 2 spare magazines)
Medical bag with 12 stock of medical supplies


Zachary Wells was born and raised in Silent Waters and earned bachelor’s degrees in chemistry (pre-med) and criminal justice from Plymouth College in 1990. He earned a M.D. degree in 1995, was licensed to practice in 1997, and was licensed in forensic pathology in 1998. He joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation shortly after, and became a Special Agent in 1999.

While working for the FBI, Wells encountered numerous murder scenes. One particularly odd murder scene was one in which an adult male was torn apart “like a glutton eating lobster” and the parts stuffed into a child-sized coffin. After this odd (and grisly) encounter, Zachary began drinking.

Zachary’s mother left the country about ten years ago, just after his father died, and the town of Silent Waters hasn’t felt “right” to him since. It feels colder, almost unwelcoming. Children don’t seem to play in the streets as much any more, and animal attacks are more common. The Flock for example . . .(Zachary doesn’t know if this is a real change in the town or just a shift in the way people have reacted to him.)

In January 2015, Wells was forced to resign from the FBI after being named in the memoir of the Gold Coin Killer, a serial killer who used different modes of killing but always covered the eyes of her victims with gold coins. Wells worked on the case, and eventually caught the killer, Linda Plassey. As Wells would find out only later, Plassey was incarcerated in the Lich Park Asylum, where she would later write her damning memoir. The proceeds from the memoir are currently tied up in various civil court cases with the victims. (The manner in which Wells was named in the memoir is a subject for potential future exploration.) The memoir would later cause a falling out between Wells and longtime friend Professor Alan Wolff, who is a Professor of Biology at Plymouth College and believes Wells should have lost his medical license over the incident detailed in the memoir. The memoir (and his firing) would also end his marriage to Andrea, who left him in the middle of the night to move to Pittsburgh. Subsequent communication between Zachary and Andrea has occurred only through their lawyers, because she refuses to talk to him, but she divorced him on the condition that their home be sold and the proceeds given to her.

In February 2015, Wells returned to his home town of Silent Waters to set up a private medical practice as a general practitioner. Nora Potts (whom he calls “Mrs. Potts”) works for him as a nurse and assistant, performing all manner of administrative and nursing tasks to keep the fledgling practice aloft. Nora’s husband, Stephen Potts, works at the Paul Revere Brewery as the master brewer.

Shortly after moving to Silent Waters, Wells became a regular at the Paul Revere Brewery. He enjoys the company of the owner and bartender, Sarah Berkley. The two of them have had drinks together after-hours (Zachary’s favorite is scotch), but no affair has developed (mainly because she is already attached).

His first night in town, Wells encountered Edgar Blackford and Gwenyth Miller out to dinner at the Paul Revere Brewery and being hassled by local thug Ben Mason. Whether it was Mason’s demeanor or Wells was still in a foul mood after returning home, something incensed Wells and he knocked Mason out. Since then, he has been a friend of Blackford.

Wells enjoys the charter fishing trips run by Claude Rickson, even if (or because) Rickson tells so many stories that he tends to repel other potential charters. While many of the stories are false, it is clear that he knows more than he’s letting on. In particular, it seems clear that Rickson has read the Gold Coin Killer’s memoir because he quotes it from time to time.

He also plays in the regular poker game with Edgar Blackford, Fr. Jack Clowney, Judith McKnight, and Stephen Potts. It was his friend Fr. Jack, who helped him move the African Crate from an abandoned lighthouse back to his home.

In May 2015, Wells began having recurring nightmares about a farmhouse, at which Hannah Germain gives him a collection of old VHS tapes, just moments before she is killed by a “nightmare made flesh”. All he recalls of the killer are the talons reaching through Hannah’s chest.

Also around that time, Susan Cassius came to him to ask for his help in finding the killer of her sister, Karen Cassius. Susan was unsatisfied with the progress (or lack of it) in the case. Sheriff Craye doesn’t like Wells’ digging into the Murder of Karen Cassius, which tends to rile the local cops against him.

Dr. Zachary Wells

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