Seeds of Evil

Episode 1: It All Comes to an End
Every ending has a beginning

Mid August, 2015 . . .

The night of Gunther Voss’ gourmet cookout started out as any day in Silent Waters in the summer. Beauty and peace, with children playing the parks and dreading the return to school soon. Judith McKnight was surveying the home she had recently purchased, the Markhardt Estate. With several contractors she reviewed some of the work orders and began signing off on what would be the largest purchase in her life. One of the contractors brought to her attention something unusual in the cellar – a Chemical Spill on the floor that appeared to be a mixture of some kind of oil and blood. Perhaps something was spilled and perhaps something had been living here. Either way, they discovered the source of entry of the likely intruder; the storm doors that lead to the back field. Judith made a point of deciding to investigate it later and buy a new lock.

That night at the party, there was a varied and diverse set of guests:

Gunther and Olivia Voss
Judith McKnight and Dash Cartesisa and Judith’s dog, Wit
Dr. Edgar Blackford and Gwenyth Miller
Dr. Zachary Wells
Steve and Daria Whitehouse
Darby Hollister

And as it turned out, one uninvited guest . . .

As the group arrived the rain, which was unexpected, began to come in, preventing the party from being held outside, so the group was forced to settle for eating gourmet burgers and wine in the solarium off the living room. Gunther introduced his accountant, Steve, as well as his wife, Daria and also introduced Darby Hollister, a new artist who had come to town. The conversation was friendly and witty but as the evening went on, the storm began to rage louder and Gwenyth clearly had a little too much to drink.

A visitor at the door prompted Gunther to see who it was and after an extended absence, Dr. Wells and Dr. Blackford followed, curious as to what the hold up was. When they appeared in the corridor, they saw Gunther speaking softly with Sheriff Craye, dressed in a rain slicker, soaking wet. Dr. Blackford, knowing he had some unresolved issues with the police department stepped away while Dr. Blackford approached, seeing if he could help. What he learned was alarming: “Greggory Kildaire” had escaped from Lich Park Asylum and as a precautionary measure, the police were warning people that there could be danger even though they suspected he would be far from civilization and likely in the woods. Gunther thanked Sheriff Craye and he and Dr. Blackford promised to not say anything as it would alarm the other guests.

Later, when Dr. Blackford decided to put the increasingly inebriated Gwenyth to bed in one of the Voss guest rooms, he thought this would be an excellent opportunity to make love to his drunken girlfriend. However, there were soon other plans. As the closet door opened, “Greggory Kildaire” appeared from the closet with a shard of broken glass, wielding it as a weapon. In a surprisingly short amount of time, Kildaire dispatched Dr. Blackford, leaving Gwenyth at his mercy.

Unaware of what transpired upstairs, the rest of the party was continuing with their merriment until Dr. Wells spotted a bloody figure in the alcove – Kildaire. Holding a bloody shard and a dress that Judith recognized as Gwenyth’s, panic ensued immediately. During the ensuing chaos, it was not only determined that the phone wires had been cut but also the cell phones were out, with strange images crossing some of them. Kildaire quickly stabbed Daria Whitehouse, leaving her with serious injuries but Judith ordered Wit to attack the madman which resulted in both being hurt but it did scare him off, allowing Dr. Wells to tend to the injured, including Gwenyth and Dr. Blackford upstairs. What was most curious, beyond the brutality and swiftness of the attack were the strange Occult Symbols marked onto Gwenyth’s back. Quickly, Judith took a picture. She recognized these as some of the symbols she saw crossing Olivia Voss’ cell phone in the chaos.

After the police and ambulances had come and gone, taking care of the injured and starting the investigation, Sheriff Craye mentioned that Kildaire had escaped in Mrs. Voss automobile but was certain they would catch up to him. Several stiff drinks were required to settle the nerves that plagued those left behind.

The following day at the hospital, Dr. Blackford was released and proceeded to tell the strange tale of “Greggory Kildaire” to Dr. Wells and Judith. Meanwhile, they spoke to Sr. Catherine Bailey, the administrator of Blessed Mercy Hospital. They wondered if she had any insight or if she had any special knowledge of the strange symbols found on Gwenyth’s back. Unfortunately, for as helpful as Sr. Catherine had been, she had nothing to add. The group decided to go over to the Paul Revere Brewery to regroup and have a few more stiff drinks to calm their nerves over the chaos that had happened the night before. While Dr. Blackford began cancelling some appointments for the following week, Judith and Dr. Wells examined the strange occult symbols. They determined that they had something to do with ancient rituals, perhaps making someone or some thing to get the attention of ancient and forgotten entities. Either way, it was to ensure that supernatural strangeness was intended to follow her. Either way, it seemed that Gwenyth would be fine but would need some time to recover with supervision.

Later, the group made a trip to Lich Park where they wanted to interview Dr. Roman Thornton, the facility administrator with whom Dr. Blackford had a relationship. It took some convincing to allow them to look around, but eventually Dr. Thornton relented. As they went through the dangerous patient wing, Dr. Wells was shocked to find Linda Plassey seemingly waiting for him, and upon seeing him, she began to mutter something through her glass cell. One of the phrases she seemed to utter over and over again was ‘It all comes to an end.’ It seemed to have some kind pf prophetic meaning to her as if she was in a trance.

As Dr. Thornton directed them to the cell once occupied by Kildaire, they asked how he escaped and Dr. Thornton had no answer. The cell was covered in the strange occult symbols and runes, similar to the ones on Gwenyth’s back. Later, when examining the security tapes, they discovered that Kildaire stared at the camera and in a flash, as well as an apparent time jump, the runes appeared on the walls. Another time jump, but this one, back in time, then showed the runes still there but Kildaire, now missing, with no apparent way he had escaped. A copy was given to the investigators with the hopes they could determine something. Thornton handed over a copy of Kildaire’s File to Dr. Blackford.

Looking outside there were no clues to be found but when they passed the window which was Kildaire’s Dr. Blackford’s phone began to show the strange symbols on the face, before suddenly cracking, rending it worthless.

Before leaving, Dr. Wells had a conversation with Dr. Thornton, trying to ask about the well being of Linda Plassey. Something Wells said made Thornton weary of him and creating some awkward moments between them. Either way, Wells figured that Thornton now did not trust him, thinking there was some possibly criminal activity that happened between Plassey and Wells.

They returned to Paul Revere to discuss what they had learned and again, had a few stiff drinks . . .


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