Game Files

I am pretty sure I am done adding things at this point . . .

First, here is the Tremulus Rulebook for those of us who need to access it remotely.

Here are the Playbooks for the Alienist, Antiquarian, Author, Detective, Devout, Dilettante, Doctor, Heir, Journalist, Professor and Salesman.

There are other options available if interested: Archaeologist, Curator, and Nurse. Just let me know if they interest you.

Here are a variety of Photos we will use as characters, NPCs, etc. I may add or delete as time goes on before play. Take a look at see which ones you might use for yourself or assign to NPCs that come up.

Here are campaign Questions that will be asked during character creation. If you want to be surprised, don’t read. If, however, you want to get a sense of what will be asked or what could be asked of you, take a look. I may add or subtract to these before we start.

Here are campaign Answers and Tags. Not sure what else to call them. These are the snippets of statements from which to build your answers to the questions and to work into your backstory as well as any other topics that come up during character creation. I present these so that you can get of sense of which ones you might wan to use. We will end up using about half of these statements. They are still being worked on so some may appear or disappear before we start. But it should give you a good sense. The ones in bold black are ones that must be used in relation to the town of Silent Waters, and the ones not in bold can be used in your story before or after you came to Silent Waters.

Game Files

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