Snuff Golem

snuf_golem.pngOf all the terrible things that could come from the Outer Black, a Snuff Golem is likely one of the most depressing and grotesque commentaries on the human condition that could arrive. From what could be pieced together by Dr. Zachary Wells, a Snuff Golem comes into being as a vengeful spirit and wreaks havoc on those who have participated in the death of another person in the furtherance of a pornographic film.

Before any sympathy for the creature would be garnered as some form of justice for those who would perpetrate such an act, it should be considered that the creature picks up where they left off, somehow uploading further films to the internet as a way of pushing the cycle of death and violence forward.

A Snuff Golem manifested after the deaths of Shayna Rossi at the hands of Anatoly Gradizh and his associates, including Robert Nuffleman. When finally tracked down by Dr. Wells, Judith McKnight and Deputy Tim Coye, it put up a fight but was driven off.

In meeting with Professor Alan Wolff, he had found some accounts of what sounded like the Snuff Golemwhich had been encountered by several other individuals over the past 20 years. Among their discoveries were (a) the creature would likely never stop the rampage it was on and (b) it was theorized that water would be the main weapon against it.

Snuff Golem

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