Seeds of Evil

Episode 4: Piercing the Darkness

Judith McKnight and Dr. Zachary Wells went to Gradizh Mansion as they had gotten a phone call from Sheriff Craye, requesting them to investigate a crime scene. However, they were il prepared for what they were about to encounter. Upon serving the warrant to examine property for illicit materials in the death of Shayna Rossi, they had uncovered something else.

Upon arriving at the mansion, they were quickly introduced to Deputy Kaleigh Hadasa, the assistant forensics examiner who was doing preliminary examinations outside on the grounds. Shortly after they went inside to see the crime scene.

Going inside Deputy Tim Coye showed them what had happened. In total there were three bodies; Anatoly Gradizh and two brothers later identified as Arturo and Jose Gutierrez. Gradizh had been hanged from the ceiling, his leg mutilated, his face beaten and his genitals smashed over and over again. Arturo was in the kitchen with almost every utensil from the draws inserted in his body. Finally, Jose was found in the upstairs bathroom, electrocuted from a hair dryer. Curiously, the entertainment center in the living room was moved, allowing access to the electrical socket, identical to the murder of Richard Simpson, at the Autumn Tavern.

Subsequent to examining the horrific state of the bodies, Dr. Wells and Deputy Coye examined the basement and found a secret passage off from the gym room. What they found was a dungeon with items that had a strong sexual uses. Further, there was a set up for a film studio, including cameras and lighting. When Dr. Wells examined the walls, he noticed that the stucco was the same on these walls were the same from the Snuff Film he had seen. Further, there were stacks and stacks of videos and DVDs in a side room. Evidently, these were the adult films and perhaps other snuff films that they had been looking for. They were packed up and sent back to the police station for review.

Over the next couple of days, Dr. Wells examined the corpses and Judith requested from Sheriff Craye that she be allowed to examine the videos. Sheriff Craye allowed her to help, reluctantly, and mentioned that an outside consultant was already helping, Prof. Walter Peasley.

The results of Dr. Wells’ investigation was that whomever did this to Gradizh and the Gutierrez brothers was either very strong or had some kind of a device to hold them in place. Perhaps the most disturbing element was the fact that when examining Gradizh’s genital area, the small splinters that were found seemed as if two pieces of wood smacked together over and over again.

Like a director’s clapper.

Oh yes, someone was making a movie. Their own snuff film.

Meanwhile, the several days Judith spent reviewing virulent pornography with Professor Peasley, revealed some clues. First, the vast majority of the films were best classified as ‘underground dungeon porn’ but there were a small number that did end up in the death of the female performer. These women matched up the bodies that were found out in the forest behind the Markhardt Estate. Second, one of the things she noticed was that one of the men in the pornographic films had a strange mole on his hand that Judith recognized from somewhere but could not place it. Since the men all worse masks, this was the only clue she had but it was nagging at her.

After spending all this time viewing grotesque sexual images, Judith needed a break. While reviewing what to purchase at the vending machines, she got a call from Dr. Samantha Woolsley who wanted to speak with her and Dr. Wells as she had just returned from Miskatonic University with some valuable information. They agreed to meet at the Paul Revere Brewery for drinks to discuss.

Dr. Woolsley had with her a book she had pulled from the private collection at the Miskatonic Library. The book, a German text, Piercing the Darkness, proved to be a valuable resource. She explained that this was the text book of the sinister organization, the Tannhauser Bruderschaft which was connected to the Ritual Slab. The book explained the existence of a ‘membrane’ that existed between the outer world, called the Outer Black where terrible entities existed that wanted into the world of man. These demons or ghosts or aliens could only slip through on occasion but there were those people who wished them to, to cause mischief and evil. Individuals, like the Tannhauser Bruderschaft seemed dedicated to this. Further, she explained that the entity which seemed to hold dominion over the Outer Black went by the name Demiurge.

While going through the book and explaining the facts, Dr. Wells noticed sections of the book contained Occult Symbols that were the ones found in the cell of “Greggory Kildaire” which caused him to take the text and compare them with the journal found in his cell at Lich Park Asylum. Dr. Woolsley explained that these sigils were called the Chonic Alphabet. He then compared the pictures that were taken of Gwenyth Miller’s back which contained the same symbols. When he was able to translate what the sigils meant, he translated them as ‘This woman is the blood of your enemies.’ It seemed that Ms. Miller was involved in what was happening, whether she wanted to be or not.

It was at that moment that Judith remembered where she saw the mole on the hand from the videos. It was someone from the Silent Waters Writers Circle, Robert Nuffleman of Nuffleman Family Photography. With that knowledge she and Dr. Wells excused themselves from Dr. Woolsley and and called Deputy Tim Coye and stated they had to get to Nuffleman, immediately.

Dr. Wells and Judith made their way to Nuffleman Family Photography where they met Deputy Coye. Coye went inside to find, question and possibly arrest Mr. Nuffleman. But mere moments after going in, they heard gunshots and immediately went in to investigate. When they got inside, they came face to face with a nightmare in stark reality.

Deputy Coye had his gun drawn and Nuffleman was lying on a desk that was covered i blood as he had been cut open with over 100 incisions. But the entity that took center stage was a horrible creature with a lens for an eye a needle for an arm and a chord that seemed to extend from the body of the creature and was plugged in to a outlet. It had clearly been filming what it had been doing. Dr. Wells took a few photos of the thing on her phone.

A brief firefight broke out but when it was evident that they were not suited to deal with the creature, they fled the scene and called the police, while fleeing in Deputy Coye’s car as fast as they could. Dr. Wells looked at the photo on the phone and the creature seemed to eerily stare back at him. He sent the photo to the state’s investigator, Dr. Conway Horst. They waited for at least 45 minutes before they returned and found the place was crawling with crime scene investigators.

The official explanation given was that they had a clue that Nuffleman was involved and when they arrived on the scene they found a man dressed in some nightmarish monster suit. There was no way they could explain that a demon on monster was responsible. Besides, the photograph sent to Dr. Horst was a blur. Dr. Wells could see it fine and even Judith could see it fine, seeming that people who saw the actual creature could see images of it as well.

The following day, Dr. Wells determined that this creature, this Snuff Golem was something that was referenced in Piercing the Darkness, as a manifestation of evil that came into being when something terrible or horrific took place. The Snuff Golem likely came into being as a result of the evils that had been enacted upon the women in the snuff films.

The swirling images going through Dr. Wells’ mind prompted him to go visit Fr. Jack at Precious Blood. Dr. Wells spoke about what he saw and it was clear that Fr. Jack did not believe that demons were running around Silent Waters but instead suggested that they see Dr. Edgar Blackford and at that point, they decided to pay him a visit.


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