Deputy Kaleigh Hadasa

An assistant forenscis examiner


Silent Waters was Deputy Hadasa’s first assignment out of the academy. Initially, she was set up to deal with the art district in town, patrolling, on foot, past the many bars and nightclubs that attracted the tourists. However, after a few months and when the results of her forensics exams came in, she was reassigned, by Sheriff Craye, to the forensics office.

Assisting Dr. Smith in his duties as the county coroner, Deputy Hadasa did not see a lot of excitement until the body of Karen Cassius was found in the forest. In the past few months, the mysteries of Silent Waters have seemed to open wide and belch forth more violence and deranged criminal activity than she could ever have imagined, with Mayor Hornsby ordering her and everyone else in the police department to keep a lid of things.

Recently, she was called to the scene of the grizzly murders at Gradizh Mansion where the bodies of three people, including Anatoly Gradizh were found in an unusual state, far more brutal and brutalized than anything she had seen before. It was here that she met Dr. Zachary Wells, the interim coroner and Judith McKnight who had been assisting him.

Deputy Kaleigh Hadasa

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