Karen Cassius

Tragic victim


Karen Cassius was the popular girl in high school, head cheerleader and homecoming queen. She went away to college in 2014, only to run back home during her first semester. It was unclear as to why she came back after only one semester but she was listless and depressed, or so says her sister.

Just a few weeks later, Karen was found tied to the ground beneath a sinister tree on New Year’s Eve. Her last words before dying were, “I wish you were here.” Her murder remains unsolved as the clues were scant. It was revealed that for some unknown reason Karen had begun dancing at the Peach Pussycat outside of town, under an assumed name. Nobody knows what drove her to do something so out of character as it was suggested, but not yet confirmed, that she performed other acts, off the record.

Her sister, Susan Cassius, first met Dr. Zachary Wells at his practice in Spring 2015, and eventually Karen’s name came up. As the conversation progressed, a certain level of trust materialized and Susan asked Wells to investigate Karen’s murder. It was clear that Sheriff Craye did not approve of outside meddling, for one reason or another, and as a result, the local police force has been somewhat cold to Dr. Wells. But Susan has asked for periodic updates, putting Dr. Wells in a difficult position.

Karen Cassius

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