Stephen Potts

Master brewer at Paul Revere Brewery


Stephen Potts is the Master Brewer at the Paul Revere Brewery. He also plays in the regular poker game with Edgar Blackford, Fr. Jack Roache, Judith McKnight, and Dr. Zachary Wells.

Stephen got into brewing after spending 20 years as a fisherman, heading out into the bay every morning. About two years ago, he got into brewing as a hobby and found he was very talented at it. About this time he abruptly quit fishing, sold his small business and has never been out to sea since. It is clear that something happened, bordering on traumatic, that he does not seem to want to discuss. Whether or not it is related to the Honor Bay Monster Conspiracy from five years ago, remains to be seen.

Now, in addition to the brewing job he transitioned to, he puts his writing skills to use by freelancing for the local paper (twice a week).

His wife, Nora Potts, is the nurse at Dr. Wells’ clinic.

Stephen Potts

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