Seeds of Evil

Episode 11: Slaves to the Outer Black

With Judith McKinght’s plan of a house warming party that would assist in revealing the Master behind all the troubles in Silent Waters almost upon them, there were a few final arrangements to put into place. Weapons were hidden around the Markhardt Estate and the liquid nitrogen machine was well placed in the basement. However, Dr. Edgar Blackford had one more clue he had to uncover; his African Crate which had been in his basement for months.

Knowing that something dangerous likely lived inside the crate, as suggested by the fox in Dr. Blackford’s dream, precautions were taken and a small hole was drilled in the side of the crate and a glass box was positioned so that the only way out of the crate was through the hole and into the box. Once the three investigators coaxed whatever was inside out, they could see and study it. Applying heat to the crate did the trick but it seemed as if they were ill prepared to see what emerged.

A small creature the size of a mouse but appearing like a giant, bloated, flea, this horrific but diminutive creature (later identified as a Death Tapper), tried to attack but after a small accident whereby it almost escaped, they quickly put things back in order and captured it. They determined the best course of action was to take it to the junk yard and have the demonic creature crushed, sending its essence back to no doubt the Outer Black.

It was then that they met up with Fr Jack Clowney, who provided more maps and charts that their ancestors has used to defeat Otto Markhardt over a hundred years ago. Apparently, his ancestor stated that they made an error in fighting the evil – they had no stopped the cultist at the height of his power. Had they done so, this evil could have been contained for good.

After a long and stressful day, the three of them went back to the Markhardt Estate and sat around a campfire sharing stories and drinking, putting together their final plans of how they would conduct their ritual, hoping that The Master would be present so that they could unveil him or her. This bonding experience seemed to work wonders on Dr Blackford’s dwindling psyche, but took a serious toll on his sobriety.

The following morning as Edgar stumbled home, Gwyneth Miller was waiting for him. It was here that Edgar showed an outpouring of his feelings for her as he was living in terror that somehow she was involved with others – Gunther Voss, Dr. Adrian Boley or anyone else that had crossed her mind. She certainly seemed open to his support but put him to bed, not wanting to discuss anything while either of them were drunk.

That evening, the party was ready and the plan was set. Most of the weapons were located in the basement where the void’s opening and the tear to the Outer Black rested. They suspected that the activity would take place there.

While mingling with the numerous guests that were present, each of them – Judith, Edgar and Zachary instantly got a message on their phones. Terrified that it would be another greeting from the Snuff Golem, they cringed. What they found was not from the Snuff Golem but instead an unknown individual sent graphic photos of Olivia Voss, slit open as a ritualistic killing. It was then that they raced to the basement but they were immediately confronted by the Organ Grinder. Immediately they set out on the ritual that needed to be cast but a mysterious figure, The Master, emerged from the shadows.

Gunther Voss.

It was Gunther all along, scheming and plotting his ancestor’s revenge on Silent Waters and carefully planning the destruction of the town. All that was needed now was the final strokes on the heroes and his scheme would be complete. He ordered the Organ Grinder to attack and this quickly led to a confrontation between Judith and Edgar, while Zachary continued with the ritual. Gunther explained how he had killed his servant, “Greggory Kildaire” and used his life blood as well as the blood of his wife, Olivia, to further fuel the Organ Grinder and it was now fully operational.

As Judith distracted the Organ Grinder, Edgar went into a blind rage, lashing out at Gunther.

As Zachary cast the spell, his mind was instantly transferred through space and time to the foul court of the Demiurge. This transcendent action put him before the mighty entity that wanted to enter the physical world to unleash havoc. Surprisingly, the Demiurge was not entirely displeased with Zachary, stating that he, the Demiurge was patient and that he would have another chance. However, he would give Zachary an option: The Demiurge was stay away from earth for 100 years if Zachary would either stay and be his servant or go back and convince either Judith or Edgar. It took Zachary a mere moment to take the heroic option and give his own life for the others.

At that exact instant, back at the Markhardt Estate, as Edgar was delivering the final blow, the ritual was cast, Zachary disappeared and the Organ Grinder was taken back beyond the Outer Black.


Months had passed and Judith was visiting Edgar in Lich Park where he had been sent for his role in the murder of Gunther Voss. Obviously, the truth of what happened could be neither believed or told. Judith explained that Gwenyth was holding out hope. Edgar was satisfied, knowing he had made the right decision and thankful that Zachary had done the same . . .


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