Murder of Karen Cassius


The murder of Karen Cassius is one of the most brutal and unexplained mysterious that Silent Waters has had to deal with in anyone’s memory.

Everyone knew Karen, as well as her sister, Susan Cassius. The two were from a good home and when their mother, Helen, died of ovarian cancer in 2001, this was a tragic shock to the family. When their father, Joe, died shortly before Susan’s high school graduation from a sudden heart attack, they were devastated. Fortunately, at least, Susan was a legal adult and they had come into enough money that Susan was able to take care of Karen for the two remaining years Karen was in high school while they both healed and Susan enrolled in Plymouth College.

Karen went away to school at Boston College but returned after a semester for reasons that seemed to stem from depression or anxiety. A few weeks later she was found tied to an old oak tree in the woods, after having left a New Year’s Eve party early.

The murder is still, to this day, unsolved, and sadly, there is nobody, expect for Susan Cassius, around to push for the case to move forward. Susan, at her wit’s end over having lost her entire family before the age of 24, seems to live a solitary, singular purpose of finding those responsible before the case grows even colder. Her behavior in the past year has grown increasingly (and understandably) despondent and dejected, as she does very little but try and find out what happened to her sister. Susan has asked Dr. Zachary Wells, to look into it as she feels Seriff Jonas Craye is doing a substandard job.

Murder of Karen Cassius

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