Lich Park Asylum

Lich_Park.jpgLich Park Asylum is the mental institution run by the state of Massachusetts to care to the needs of the criminally insane as well as various drug rehabilitation programs for repeat offenders the state deems worthy of aid.

Whereas the state does pay for the massive operating costs, several wealthy donors in the state have written large donative checks in order to keep the place running and keep the security state of the art, if not the rest of the facilities. Whether it is a true hospital or a prison is left for the individual to decide.

The two notable patients at Lich Park as Linda Plassey (the Gold Coin Killer) and “Greggory Kildaire.”"

The facility’s administrator, Dr. Roman Thornton, has a deep interest in publishing a variety of papers to further his professional, career, or so is the thought among several notable residents.

Lich Park Asylum

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